우리 신체의 지방조직에는 많은 줄기세포들이 존재합니다. 이를 적절한 기술로 추출하여 사용하게 되며, 지방이식 과정에서 생착율을 높이고 부작용을 줄이기 위해 사용되기도 하지만, 직접 혈관 내 주사로, 보다 효과적인 전신 항노화 효과를 기대하기도 합니다.  중장년층의 삶에 새로운 활기를..

Adipose tissue Derived Stem Cells (SVF): 


많은 용량의 지방 줄기세포군을 확보할 수 있을 뿐 아니라, 채취 또한 용이하여, 활용도가 높고 쉽게 임상에 이용 할 수 있어 유익하다고 하겠습니다. 

자기 자신의 성체줄기세포를 이용하므로 안전하고 그 양이 풍부하면서, 금방 체취한 세포조직이라 신선하다고 할 수 있습니다. 

자세한 사항은 클리닉을 방문하여 직접 상담을 통해 알아보시는 것이 효과적입니다.

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  • Anti-aging treatments: 만성 피로감, 활력개선. 

  • Autologous fat grafting

  • Local injection: 항노화무릎건강향상.

  • Homing effect

  • Wound healing: 상처회복, 흉터 등

  • Helpful for various conditions: 남성기능, 발모 개선. 면역기능.

From a letter replying the questions for the process of stem cell therapy

The incision for harvesting fat tissues would be in inguinal area & 6~7 mm in length with 1 stitch. You may take a shower at next evening, the stitch will be removed by yourself simply snapping out the longer strip without pain nor difficulties at 5th day post-operationally.

There would be compression garment(like Velcro) around the areas for harvesting that you may keep a day to control bruising & swelling.


The reasons taking such treatments are variable from an alternative treatments to anti-aging therapy. There are many studies that show the effect of such treatments for COPD, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, Crohn's disease, male erectile dysfuntion and so on. But these are still under investigations and need more studies to be confirmed as medical regular treatments.

The effect for heathy peoples will be also variable.

As we doctors do know the homing effect of stem cells, that is those cells try to find and fix spontaneously the areas or organs that dose not fuction optimally.

Even though there are no such serious illness or diseases, the cell therapy will cover subclinical damages or minor circulation problems.

So the feeling or changes for normal people after the therapy will change accordingly, and the length will differ for each cases from 2 months to 6 months or more.

The process of the treatments is simple.

Under sleeping I'll harvest fat from your abdomen in 30 minutes, then wake up & wait an hour. After the cells processed, you'll get IV injection for 20 minutes. Then return. Simple.

Get a consultation first before thinking about the application of the treatments.

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